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Boys Outfits

Baptism Suits Christening Outfits Vaftistika for boys made with the finest quality fabrics!

Portara Gallery provides you enchanting, luxurious and exquisite designs of Christening wear Collection to adorn your little boy. A Collection designed especially for baby boys aged Newborn to 3 Years old. From simple and stunning to sophisticated and elegant, picture your child in one of these unique and one of a kind christening outfits or suits that will mirror the beauty and the pageantry of the christen or baptism occasion.
We appreciate the opportunity to be part of your very special event. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. You can browse our Heirloom Christening Collection below and you can coordinate the baby's baptism with our matching Baptism Undergarments Collection and Baptismal Boxes or Chests to show your elegant and classy taste on that Special Day.
 "Sometimes the simplest ideas
are the most charming and appealing."
~ Jenny Haskins

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