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Portara Gallery's commitment reflects on how we wish to take you on a journey through our web site with easy navigation, exciting photos,exact descriptions of our products, personal service and fast shipping while ensuring safe and quick arrival of the items and complete satisfaction with each purchase.

  • For the past 14 years we have had many challenges coming up with creative ideas for customers looking for something to suit their theme and provide them with all the ingredients for memorable social events at the best possible price. We guarantee the best price! We work closely with our clients to understand their goals and tastes and to offer personalized service and professional expertise. So explore our Web site, browse our extensive line of bridal and baptismal accessories and see why our customers keep coming back.
  • We consider every customer's event to be an exciting new challenge. Your complete satisfaction is our first priority! By providing the best products, expert advice and personal service, our business has become a reliable stop for customers just like you.
  • Our goal is to make planning your event almost as enjoyable as the event itself. To achieve this goal, we carry a broad range of favors and accessories to suit every taste and budget and work with you to ensure that your complete satisfaction express the essence of your event. Give your guests something special to remember your day. Our gifts are unique keepsakes. Get the favors that your guests want!
  • We attempt to make every product an absolute joy to own at a very affordable price and an unmatchable guarantee. Our elegant and unique products intend to create a lasting impression in your mind and the minds of your family, friends or business associates. Their delightful character will give you the opportunity to understand how a casual spirit can co-exist with traditional dignity and formal balance.
  • We also offer you a product return or exchange policy. If you're not 100% satisfied with any product you ordered from us, you can simply send it back and we will refund you or replace it with another item.
  • Most importantly, Portara Gallery is about providing anyone who loves and appreciates history and art, the opportunity to enjoy it in a way that has not been possible until now. While they are unique gifts -- they'll fit any occasion and any recipient's personality- they're also the perfect enhancement and complements -- they'll be wonderful accents to your home, office or any special event you might have.

If you don't see what you're looking for or have any questions, get in touch with us by visiting the  Contact Us page. We'll do everything we can to make you a loyal customer!

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What is the origin of the name Portara?

The huge gate of an ancient temple, which dominates the entrance of the port and the city, is the trade mark of Naxos, the largest island of the Cyclades.The natives call the gate Portara. Actually this gate,entirely made of marble, is the entrance to the temple of God Apollo which was built in 522 BC by Lygdamis. This monument strikes the visitor from a distance; as he approaches Naxos is the "emblem" of the island, the marble doorway of an archaic temple. It stands on a little island known as "Palati" (palace) just northwest of the harbor and connected with the opposite shore in ancient times by a narrow strip of land, today by a causeway.

With the downfall of the tyranny, building generally came to a halt and the temple was left unfinished. The archaic temple was Ionic. It was 59 m long x 28 m wide and it was designed to have peristyle of 6x12 columns with double porticos at its end. Portara Gallery 's founder was born and raised on the Island of Naxos . She gave to her company this name not only because she was born there but also because all the products she imports are made exclusively in her island. This way she opened a doorway between her island - Naxos and the USA and she provided to the people in the US the opportunity to own these unique and elegant products and enjoy them in an easy and affordable way that has not been possible until now. By doing so,she provides to everybody the same kind of enjoyment and appreciation she experienced when she was exposed to the art while in Naxos.

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